What is the Best Battleship Setup? #WINNING

Are you wondering how to win in the famous board game, Battleship? Well, you don’t need a lot of thinking. Having the best Battleship setup will make you sink your opponents’ ships quickly. 

Winning in this game also comes down to having the best skills and luck. The strategy used to win Battleship is not complicated. First, you have to figure out how to win and shoot at your opponent’s game board.

If you love or want to know how to win faster, don’t fret! We have provided you with everything you need to know about the Battleship game.

Without further ado, scroll down and explore more!

Before going further, you need to understand what the Battleship game involves. 

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What is Battleship? 

Battleship is a strategic guessing game involving two players. Players try to use the best Battleship set up to win. The famous match got played on paper or board with ruled grids. Furthermore, each player’s fleet of ships gets marked on the board. 

On top of that, the location of the fleets comes from the other player. Also known as sea battle, players take turns while calling shots at the other player’s ships to destroy the opponent’s fleet.

The History of Battleship

The Battleship game comes from World War 1 in a French game called L.’ Attaque. The first version of the game was known as Salvo and got published in 1931 in the USA. Later on, similar games emerged and got played on pads of paper.

In 1967, Milton Bradley introduced a new advanced version of the game and termed it Battleship. The game requires pegs and boards. The playboard had plastic ships used to play the game effectively.

In 1977, more advancement continued to emerge from various founders. Milton Bradley came up with a computerized electronic Battleship. This version comes from Bing Naccoy and Dennis Wyman and has a sound chip. 

In 1989, Electronic Talking Battleship got released. Later on, in 2008, a new version used hexagonal tiles. Each board contained several Islands where you can put the captured man figurines. This means that you can place ships around the Island and in the players half board.

They reverted the board game to the original 1967 style upon the release of the movie Battleship. However, the 2008 updated version is still available as Battleship Islands. Battleship is famous in many events and performances, such as Hasbro Family Game Night, where they used a minigame version of Battleship. 

The first team to sink ships in the game are the winners, and they should use a 5by5 grid. The Hasbro Family Game Night used a battleship for Wii, Playstation 2, and Xbox 3560. Here it was slightly different since it altered the rules such as the size of the grid, size of ships, and special shot missiles.

Lastly, in 2012, science fiction action movies also used the game in the military. For example, the Milton Bradley board game inspired this movie. Here, one side had alien ship playing pieces.

What is the Object of Winning on the Battleship Board?

The object of the Battleship board is to try and sink all other players before they sink all of your ships. Also, the player’s ships are on their Battleship board. Here, you can hit the opponents by calling out the coordinates. 

However, both of the players cannot see each other, board. So what you need to do is guess where they are. Each game has a horizontal and vertical section for recording the guesses. 

While playing the game, players take turns guessing by calling out the coordinates. The opponent responds with a hit or miss, and players need to mark their board with pegs. The pegs are red for hit and white for miss.

For instance, when you call F6, and your opponent lacks a ship at F6, they will respond by a miss. You will go ahead and record the miss by putting a white peg on the vertical part of your board at F6. Moreover, your opponent will record the miss.

When the square gets hit, the ship will sink. When this append, announce a hit and sunk. Then, place a red peg on top of the vertical board to indicate a sunk ship. When all vessels from one player get sunk, the game ends.

What is the Best Battleship Setup? 4 Ways

Many players win or lose in the Battleship game before the first ship gets fired. This is because they lack the best Battleship layout and place their ships in the right spot. The object of placing your ships on the board is to make your opponent from finding them. 

You can randomly place your feet or guess how your opponent will attack. However, to play like a professional and win the game, you need to have the best Battleship strategy. Therefore, check out the following Battleship setup to emerge the winner.

Avoid Placing Your Ship Together

The first step is to place your ships separately. The concept of positioning your boat apart is because when they don’t touch each other, the opponent will circle that point and look for other ships after scoring a hit. So if they find two ships at ponce, you will lose an extra ship.

Place Asymmetrical

Placing the ship in a symmetrical matter is vital in a Battleship game. This is because the human mind operates in patterns. Therefore, copying the placements will not help you achieve your target. 

For instance, if you have your ship 10.8 square feet (1 square meter) away from the edge of the upper left. Then, you are supposed to operate in a different pattern. This is because a similar pattern on the lower right side will open the way for your opponent to find both ships after locating the first one.

Place a Ship on the End of the Board

This is an effective tactic that will help you play the best game. However, many players are used to firing shots in the middle of the board. Placing one or two ships will help you fire shots and defeat your rival.

Setting Up the Game

Setting up the Battleship game involves two players. Each player receives a Battleship game board and five ships of different lengths. The five ships are a carrier with five holes, a Battleship with four holes, a cruise with three holes, a submarine with three holes, and a destroyer with two holes.

Each ship contains holes where holes pegs get inserted when there’s a hit. Also, they get hit-and-miss markers red and white pegs. The two pliers face each other across a game table in this game.

This positioning is essential since the target grid backs up vertically to prevent the player from seeing the opponent, the ship’s location, and the ocean grid. Therefore, each opponent secretly places their five boats on the lower part of the board before starting. They do this by laying out the ships and anchoring them into the holes.

Additionally, each player should position the ships vertically or horizontally across the grid spaces. While doing this, make sure that the boats are not hanging off the grid. The better part is that ships can touch each other, but they cannot occupy the same grid. Also, you are not allowed to reposition the vessels after the game kicks off.

Battleship for Advanced Players

Battleship can either be basic or advanced. Some players know the basics of this game. On the other side, some players are advanced with many skills in this game. Battleship for experienced players is quite different from the standard game because it uses the Salvo variation. The rules are the same in this game, but it has some exceptions.

During the first round, you are supposed to call out five guesses and mark each guess with a white peg in the target grid during this game. After calling out the five guesses, the opponent will announce the hits with the ships they hit.

Change the white pegs to red pegs on the target grid if it hits. While doing this, your opponent will place red pegs in the holes of the enemy ships that got hit previously. Continue changing in the same manner until one of your Battleship game ships gets sunk. 

When it gets sunk, you will lose one shot from your Salvo. So if the ship sinks, your Salvo will be less by one go, and when two ships sink, your Salvo, you will remain with three shots.

Enemy Targets on the Battleship Game Board

The main aim of firing shots is to spot and sink your opponent’s ships as quickly as possible. To do this, you should continue with your play. However, if you are good at reading minds, go ahead and fire shots in order since your guesses might make a hit.

Do the guesswork going the diagonal way. For example, following diagonally means that if you fire the first shot at C-1, you will have to fire the next shot at I-7. On the other hand, firing a diagonal line is advantageous because you will locate each short in a new row and column. For this reason, you will end up maximizing the number of rows and columns that you are firing.

While doing this, avoid gathering your shots too early. Remember that you have to cover a large area. Therefore, avoid starting by firing shots that are diagonally or adjacent to each other. The best thing is to leave a few spaces between the shots.  

After opening Salvo, you can go back and fill in the gaps in your diagonal lines. After firing enough shots to come up with some diagonal lines, you will have used the lines you will notice that you have used those lines to divide the board into small parts. 

It would be best to take shots systematically in each part from this point forward. This will help you eliminate the possibility of your opponent’s biggest remaining ship on that spot.

Besides, you can follow the checkerboard method. Try and imagine the firing grid as a giant checkerboard. Now that you have the alternating white and black squares fire only the black squares to hit all of your opponent’s ships. 

This method is suitable since it goes hand in hand with the diagonal line strategy. It also means that it’s unnecessary to fire half of the squares in the game, the white ones. Instead, what you need to do is to sink the ship you have already hit. After making a hit, don’t give up. Continue firing the adjacent shots to sink the opponent’s boat.

Now that you know the enemy targets on the board, how do you win at the Battleship? Let’s find out!

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How to Win at Battleship – 3 Strategies

Battleship is a simple and enjoyable game during your leisure time. However, winning is not easy because you cannot see your opponent’s battleship pieces. Although there are many ways to help you make a first hit, such as some random firing, you can use a strategic firing method to increase your chances of winning. 

Moreover, you can place ships in different ways to help you evade your opponent. Check out these three strategies if you want to emerge as a winner in the battleship:

  • Maximizing hits.
  • Target hit ships.
  • Placing your ships for minimal damage.

Maximizing Hits

Topping the list of the best three strategies is maximizing hits. This Battleship game strategy gets further broken down into:

  • Firing at the center of the board.
  • Use parity.
  • Moving away if there are two misses in the segment.

Fire at the Center of the Board 

Firing at the center of the board is perfect for maximizing hits because you will likely hit a ship easily. If you look at the middle of the board, you will see four squares. The square is likely to contain a carrier ship or Battleship. Therefore, it is wise to start there.

Use Parity

Using parity is another way of maximizing, where having hits increases your chances of winning, just like a checkerboard, and half of the squares are dark while half is light. Each ship covers two squares, meaning every ship must touch a dark square. 

Therefore, a sudden fire at even squares or only odd squares will minimize the number of turns you need to hit every ship. After a hit, stop firing randomly and start targeting the vessel in question.

To keep track of the light and dark squares, look at your board and imagine that the diagonal line of squares from the top left to the bottom right corner is dark. Imagine the squares from the right corner to the bottom left corner are light, then count out from there to ensure each square you’re targeting is the right color.

Move Away If There are Two Misses in the Segment

If you encounter two misses in the same segment, move away. If you strike out twice when firing, try making shots into a different board segment. The chances that you just missed a ship are less than the chances that you missed by a wide margin.

Targeting Hit Ships

The second best way to win at Battleship is to target the hit ship. This method involves:

  • Reducing target area after making a hit.
  • Then, fire around the location of your target.
  • Repeat method to hit more of your opponent’s ships.

Reduce Target Area After You Make a Hit

After making your first hit, you will need to reduce your target area to the previous hit spot spaces. To sink the ship that you hit previously, you’ll need to take a lot of turns. These turns are because the game ships range from 2-5 spaces long.

Fire Around the Area of Your Hit

Targeting hit ships also involves firing around the area of the hit. You can do this by striking above, below, or on one side of the space you have hit to find and hit more of the ship. If one of your strikes is a miss, try the opposite side of the space hit. 

Don’t give up. Keep on striking until you defeat your opponent. This will get seen when you manage to take your opponent’s ship, as they will announce sunk.

Repeat the Method to Hit More of Your Opponent’s Ships

Don’t end the process after you have sunk the first of your opponent’s ships because the game is still on. You will have to resume firing either randomly or in the center of the board to locate another boat.

Repeat the process around the hit space to sink another ship. This way, you will manage to reduce the number of turns that it takes to sink all of your opponent’s battleships, and it will also increase your chances of winning the game.

Placing Your Ships for Minimal Damage

The third and last method is to place your ships for minimal damage. This method involves the following:

  • Space ships out so that they do not touch.
  • Try placing ships so that they touch but do not overlap.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s moves.

Spacing Ships Out So That They Don’t Touch

When your battleships touch each other, there are high chances that your opponent may sink two ships at the same time. Therefore, to avoid the instance of back-to-back sinking, space your battleships so that they do not touch. 

Keep one or two spaces between each of your battleships to block the way through which your opponent fight is finding one of your battleships.

Try Placing Ships Together So That They Touch but Don’t Overlap 

The best Battleship placement is putting ships together, but you need to ensure they do not overlap. However, this is a method that most players avoid because they see it as a weakness.

This is a potential strategy for some players since it will enable them to confide the opponent concerning the ship sunk. However, remember that your opponent might discover one or more of your other ships while using this method.

Pay Attention to Your Opponent’s Moves

Placing your ship for minimal damage also involves paying attention to your opponent’s moves. If you are used to playing with the same opponent, place ships where your opponent rarely strikes. This will increase your chances of winning. 

Nonetheless, keep a record of the spaces that your opponent strikes most often and avoid these zones. For instance, your opponent might like to start their strike on the right side of the board then head to the center or in the lower left. If this is the case, look for the common strike areas, and don’t place your ship in these spots.

Additional Methods to Play Battleship

Apart from playing this game is using a pencil and paper, another best way to play the Battleship is by using a traditional board game where each player has two ocean grids. The first grid will mark the hiding position of the five ships and any hit. 

The second grid keeps track of the hits and misses that each player will make when firing shots at the opponent. When you hit, mark the corresponding square with an X, then record the misses with a 0.

If the game is technical, mark a larger grid with more squares. Ensure that you mark using letters A to Z for the vertical coordinates. On the horizontal side, numbers 1 to 26.

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Battleship is a simple game between two players that also involves guessing. It gets played on ruled grids, either paper or board. Each player’s Battleship fleet of warships is marked, and the location gets concealed from the other player. 

However, many matches are won or lost before the first shot gets fired. Getting your ship placement right is crucial due to the lack of the best Battleship setup. However, things can be easy if you use the correct setup. In the end, you’ll play the best and win.

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