How Many Queens Can You Have In Chess?

how many queens can you have in chess

Chess has recently seen a rather sudden and significant rise in popularity, mainly due to that “one show.” As such, questions like “how many queens can you have in chess” are quite normal nowadays – and that’s a very good thing! This sport had seen little to no online media attention up until recently when, … Read more

What Does “Draw” Mean In Chess?

what does draw mean in chess

Chess is one of the most intricate games that take years to master. This is why so many questions exist, and “What does draw mean in chess?” is really popular.  The reason for that is the variety of combinations that draw means in chess. This article can help make sense of a draw using the … Read more

WHIPPING Up Info On Chessboard Letters And Numbers

WHIPPING Up Info On Chessboard Letters And Numbers

What are Chessboard Letters and Numbers?  Chessboard letters and numbers represent algebraic notation. To create a coordinate system for documenting a chess game on paper or electronically, chessboards used for learning or competition frequently feature letters and numbers along each side, along with 1–8 horizontal ranks and A–H vertical files.  All the squares have their … Read more

George Washington Dollar Coin Value – UNSEEN Info Below

george washington dollar coin value

The Number of George Washington Dollar Coins in Existence  Do you know your 2007 George Washington dollar coins value? The coins have values depending on their positions. Though perhaps not all are highly valuable, some of them are. For instance, the George Washington Godless dollars are about $2,000 or more in Mint State-68 condition, while … Read more

TRADE SECRETS: The Value Of The John Adams Dollar Coin

john adams dollar coin value

Who Was John Adams?  The John Adams dollar coin value depends on its circulation status. There are circulated and uncirculated coins. After serving as George Washington’s first Vice President, John Adams, a notable political philosopher, became the second president of the United States (1797 to 1801). John Adams was a learned and wise man who … Read more