[REVEALING] The Best Stratego Setup

Stratego is a battleship game played by two players on a board of 10 by 10 squares. Winning this game requires the best Stratego set up to capture the enemy’s flag and pieces. 

However, many players lack the best strategy to outplay their opponent and win. If you love playing Stratego, we have provided you with the best setup to help you emerge as a champion.

Without delay, let’s get started!

What is Stratego? 

Stratego is a strategy board game between two players played on a battleship board of 10 by 10 squares. To win in this game, you need the best Stratego setup. This game is an improved version of the early 20th-century French game called L’L’ Attique. Each player owns 40 pieces where an individual officer and soldier rank in an army.

The main aim and objective of Stratego are to find and capture the opponents’ flag. Also, the main aim is to capture many enemy pieces when the opponent cannot make additional moves. Today, you will find version 10 up to 40 pieces per player. Also, you will discover small-sized boards and variant pieces of different Stratego original rules.

The Set-Up of Stratego

The best setup for the Stratego game is quite simple. First, the color gets chosen by lot. Here, one player takes the red pieces while the other uses blue pieces. Then, before the game starts, players arrange the pieces in a 4 by 10 manner on the board.

It has printed ranks on the sides to avoid putting pieces in 12 squares and lakes at the board’s center. This is vital because it separates the strategies of the two players and contributes to the overall outcome of the game.

Moving in Stratego is encouraged, but can you move backward in Stratego? Well, let’s find out.

Can You Move Backwards in Stratego?

In the game of Stratego, a piece cannot move backward, especially if it is in the same two squares. Therefore, you can move only one piece in one turn. However, a scout can move backward, forward, or on the sides of an open square. However, this movement is not encouraged because it will allow your opponent to find out the value of that piece.

The Best Stratego Game Strategies for Winning

To win in the game of Stratego, you need to employ the best tactics when setting up the board. The position of your bombs should be an essential consideration. Therefore, it is good to surround your flag with bombs most of the time. This act is of great importance since you’ll capture your opponent’s miner.

At times, the bombs placed well can destroy the opponent’s pieces. Also, it increases your chances of winning if the opponent lacks the path to disarm them. Therefore, check out the Stratego game strategies and how you’ll benefit from them.

Bombing the Flag

Bombing the flag involves putting bombs in every corner of your flag. Generally, this strategy does not take a lot of bombs in a corner like the center of the board. However, the bombs will defend your flag from attacks from every piece except the miners.

Therefore, consider putting your strongest defenders around your flag. A tip to have the best play is to destroy all opponents’ miners before the bombs near your flag get captured. This way, the opponent will lack a way to capture the flag.

The better part is that bombing the flag is suitable because players who run into a bomb will immediately send more substantial reinforcements to defuse the bomb and explore further. Moreover, a bomb signals the opponent that the counterpart is defending his area. 

Also, it is considered among the robust Stratego strategies because the power of bombs is strong and is suitable for protecting your flag.

Decoy Flagposts

The second strategy is to decoy flagposts. This method is essential since bombs near a corner can attract your opponent with reinforcements. As a result, you’ll have to put bombs next to a corner that doesn’t have flags.

Your opponent forward troops will die to the bomb when you do this. If the reinforcements get through the bomb to the corner, your next opponent bomb might fail again. In the end, your opponent will waste time attacking an area that isn’t your flag.

One disadvantage about this strategy is how it uses a few bombs in the back row. This can make you think of getting another alternative. However, this is a total loss, especially if the opponent avoids or never reaches that corner. Additionally, you’ll not blast some troops.

A decoy flag post is essential since the opponent cannot walk away from the flag. It is also wise for players who don’t want the bombs placed in another spot but just the corner. 

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Two-Wave Corner

The third Stratego strategy is the two-wave corner. This method involves the formation of two diagonal rows of bombs in front of your flag. You also need to have a layer of troops in between to get rid of miners defusing the first row. 

The defense power is strong enough to kill a troop or two in the first wave. This gets done before a miner gets sent in to fix it. You need to pray that no one makes it through the second wave of bombs.

On the contrary, having no bomb on the board will give room for your opponent to figure out that heavy resistance means a flag nearby. So you can use this Stratego advanced strategy as long as you can kill the opponent miners and defend your bombs.

Bombs Forward

Another strategy for Stratego is the bomb forward. Putting the bomb forward will kill early opposing troops. If you put five of your bombs in the front six spaces, this is possible if your opponent was playing aggressively and with powerful pieces, so much the better.

Additionally, if your opponent has buried the miners in the backfield, you’ll have a long time before you have to worry about defense. With only one open lane into your troops, you can focus on your power.

A drawback to this strategy is that it can backfire if the opponents’ pieces don’t diffuse the bombs and trap them. Also, the opponent might get a view of what you are doing if they start with a scout when hitting a bomb.

Bombs One Row Back

Among all the Stratego bomb rules, bombs one row back is the most popular strategy used by many players. One outstanding aspect of this method is how it allows you to defend all six available columns fully. 

In this method, it’s easy to eliminate your opponents’ weak pieces and miners by placing a row of pieces in front of the six bombs blocking the open lines. Unfortunately, this act will pave the way for powerful pieces to reach the second row meant to be destroyed by your bombs.

One drawback of this strategy is how it uses your bombs so that you’ll not have them for decoy or flag protection. But, generally, it is an excellent strategy for a player who wants to try something different.


The last Stratego game strategy to win is scattershot. In this method, your opponent cannot outguess you if you put your bombs randomly. However, the bombs will not be effective towards a large board. For this reason, use this method as a last resort for opponents who keep figuring you out.

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The Final Say

Stratego is an improved version of the battleship game called the L’Attique, played in the 20th century. You need the best Stratego setup tips such as scattershot, bombs one row back, and bombs forward to defeat the opponent. 

These methods are effective because they will help you win. If you are looking for the best way to attack your opponent, consider the outlined strategies. In the end, you will play your best and win. 

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