The Bottom Line on National Read a Book Day (6 September)

What is National Read A Book Day About? 

Every year on September 6th, the United States celebrates National Read a Book Day. Reading can be the most enjoyable and relaxing activity for some people. We hope everyone, regardless of their demographic, will participate in National Read a Book Day on September 6th. 

As you continue reading, you will learn everything you need to know about National Read a Book Day and how you can celebrate this particular date.

Book Pages

Learn About National Read a Book Day

Today, National Read a Book Day is the ideal time to curl up with a wonderful book and lose yourself in its pages. You should get lost in a factual or imaginary story and bury your head in the pages. It is also a wonderful day to spread awareness about books and encourage others to read them. 

Reading, after all, has a wide variety of positive outcomes that might improve one’s life. It improves memory and concentration and lowers stress levels. Studies indicate that adults who spend time reading tend to engage in activities throughout their lifetime that are more mentally engaging as compared to those who don’t. 

They also exhibit a slower cognitive decline than those who don’t spend time reading. In addition, books are an entertaining and low-cost method of expanding one’s knowledge of the wider world. If you enjoy reading quotes, picking up a book will provide you with many excellent options.

When you finish reading an excellent book and turn the final page, you should have a bittersweet feeling, as if you’ve just said goodbye to an old friend.

Another reason we encourage people to read books is that the vast majority of films currently in circulation are from novels, and novels generally have a reputation for being superior to the movies they inspire. In the end, you can pack only so much into a couple of hours on screen, whereas reading a book will allow you to go deeper into the adventure. 

In addition, reading fantastic stories is not the only benefit of books. There are many books available that have the potential to alter your outlook on life and teach you how to experience every aspect of it to the fullest. 

The degree to which a book may alter your perspective and infuse your life with a great deal of positive energy will astound you.

The History of This Unofficial Holiday

Other aspects of the history of National Read a Book Day are murky, even though it is generally accepted that the first celebration of this holiday was in the United States. The passion that Americans have for reading is, nonetheless, unmistakable. 

And considering that 81% of us believe that we do not spend as much time reading as we would like to, this day relieves many people. Because of this, it is the perfect day to schedule some time in our schedules to catch up on the books that are on our “to read” list.

The proliferation of book clubs evidences the ever-present passion for reading. Women’s Bible studies began in the 1600s and date back to this period. Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club is largely responsible for the dramatic increase in the social dimension of the act of reading over the past few decades. 

Since its inception in 1996, Oprah’s Book Club has made 70 book recommendations, contributed to selling more than $55 million worth of books, and encouraged millions of people to pick up a book and read it.

Over seventy-four percent of American adults have read at least one book over the past year. This is especially true given the hectic pace of modern life. Because of the proliferation of technological platforms, it is easier to read while we are moving. 

Almost twenty percent of the books we read nowadays are on electronic platforms. Grab the book on top of your stack in any medium you like, physical or digital, and start reading!

How to Observe the Day

Books have a unique and distinct enchantment you cannot find in any other form of storytelling entertainment. The ability to use your imagination while following a book’s plot is one factor contributing to the overall impact of the experience. It’s almost like your story becomes a part of it as well.

Whatever you are reading will captivate your mind. Whether it is a work of fiction or a book on personal development that encourages you to imagine being the best version of yourself, it will do so.

While reading a book is the most straightforward method to observe National Read a Book Day, there are plenty of other ways to do it. There are many additional methods, in addition to reading for yourself, to share the enchantment of reading with other people. Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate that you can consider.

Read a Book

Participating in a reading challenge is one way to add some fun to the activity of reading, which is, of course, the raison d’être of the day. 

You can find dozens of checklists and suggestions on selecting books that will stretch your imagination by doing a Google image search for “reading challenge photos.” This will help you choose a book you won’t be able to put down once you start reading it.

Volunteer With Your Local Library

There is a good chance that a public library in your area is always looking for volunteers. Creating a calm and secure environment where children may study is one of the many valuable contributions that libraries make to the communities of their location. 

Libraries frequently serve as polling stations during elections and as meeting venues for the local community. Donating books to your town library is a fantastic way to share information with the people in your neighborhood. Book contributions frequently assist libraries with filling out their shelving collections.

Share Your Passion With Someone

Talk to someone about the books you enjoy reading so much. Read each book in sequence to your kids and instill in them a passion for reading just as you did. You might also offer your services as a volunteer to read aloud to senior citizens who cannot read independently. 

Reading aloud to someone else helps you enhance your cognitive abilities and lowers your stress level. It also helps them form a relationship with you that they will value and increases the amount of brain activity in both of you.

Join a Book Club

We recommend joining a book club. You can sign up for an online book club or join a neighborhood book club. Both options are available to you. Book clubs are a lot of fun. 

First, they motivate you to read more books, and second, they allow you to discuss the books you read with others. If you are already a book club member, why not take advantage of National Read a Book Day to throw a book party for the other club members? You can discuss a book with all the other people in the book club if you invite them. 

Everyone is welcome to bring food that in some way relates to the book. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to bond over your shared passion for reading while having a good time.

Send a Book to a Friend

Sending a book to a friend is a great way to show your appreciation for reading. It may be a book that you enjoy reading very much, or it could be a book that you know they are looking forward to reading. You may even take it one step further by using your imagination in conjunction with it.

Do you and your companion intend to take a trip sometime soon? Please give them a book that takes place in that country or location as a gift. This is something that you might also do for vacations that you are taking.

That is a delightful method to keep that memory alive in your mind. Subscription boxes are another entertaining option for giving a friend the gift of reading material. Read our article and find out Canvas Best Friend Paintings That Are Easy.

Woman giving book to woman

Start a Get One Give One Library in Your Community

This is the notion on this list that appeals to me the most. It doesn’t take much to start, but it may affect many individuals beyond yourself. Permit me to elaborate a bit if you are unfamiliar with the concept of small libraries organized in this manner.

Little Free Libraries is the name given to these types of libraries. Most of the time, they consist of only a single shelf or two, but in certain cases, they can be much larger. Some have been in cafes, apartments, and even parks.

You receive a book in exchange for donating. After reading the new book, please return it to the bookstore and select another title. You will then understand how the cycle operates. 

The sixth of September is the ideal day to create one of these lists if you do not already possess one. If you already have a list of books you want to read, you should use that day to update it. You can either add books you discover or suggestions others give you, or you can get rid of books you have no interest in reading.

Visit the Local Library

The sixth of September is the ideal day to go and get a library card if you don’t already have one. While you’re there, take some time to investigate the local library and become familiar with the layout of the book stacks.

When you return for a subsequent visit, you will find that this makes you feel more at ease. Obtaining a library card provides several benefits. One is the ability to borrow ebooks through third-party applications such as Libby and Overdrive.

To borrow a book, it is no longer necessary to travel to the local library. You can complete the task using your mobile device. Suppose you are someone who reads a lot of books; getting a library card is a fantastic choice. You’ll be able to stretch your reading budget further.

Children in library

Organize Your Books

One more thing you may do to honor National Read a Book Day is to arrange your collection of books. Do you have many books strewn around your house? If that’s the case, it’s an ideal time to put your book collection in order. 

You can decide which books you will keep and which you won’t read again. You can choose from this section for the ones you won’t read. You could sell them at a used bookstore or give them to a charitable organization. 

After all, clutter can produce disorder in the head, making it impossible for you to relax and enjoy a good book to the fullest extent possible.

Explore the Many Various Methods of Reading

Suppose you would like to begin reading regularly but can’t find the time. Why not take advantage of the fact that September sixth is National Read a Book Day and look into different ways that you may include reading into your day?

If traveling to bookshops is difficult, consider purchasing an electronic reader and downloading books directly to your device. Alternatively, you could try downloading an audiobook and listening to it on your daily commute.

So, there you have it: a few of the several approaches to commemorating National Read a Book Day are available to you. Getting lost in a fantastic book is, without a doubt, the ideal way to celebrate this day, so grab a book and get ready to do just that. Happy National Read a Book Day!

What are the Benefits of Reading

Reading is the most rewarding of all the activities that one might pursue. Numerous studies show the many positive effects of reading, including the following:

  • Enhancing both one’s vocabulary and one’s writing skills.
  • Improving one’s memory.
  • Training one’s mind to think analytically.
  • Contributing to improved focus and concentration.
  • Developing your intellectual capacity.

Reading is another activity that can significantly impact your health by alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, facilitating sleep, and even preventing cognitive deterioration. Why not use some of the time you have on National Read a Book Day to curl up with a good book and observe the positive effects that reading can have on your life?

Interesting Stats About Reading Books

  • The total number of reading sessions begun on Bookly in the previous year is 1,207,937.
  • 8.27 is the number of books sold less per person in 2001 due to the decline in book sales.
  • Bookly will add 359,803 new physical and electronic books between 2019 and 2020.
  • The number of audiobooks added to Bookly during 2019 and 2020 is 16,555.
  • The total number of reading sessions begun by female Bookly users between 2019 and 2020 is 909,394.
  • The number of reading sessions initiated by male users on Bookly between 2019 and 2020 is 350,485.
  • A lot of reading is done by individuals between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • Eighty million is the number of people who log in to the popular book website Goodreads.
  • The percentage of adults in the United States who did not read a book in 2018 is 24%.
  • Six Dr. Seuss books are among the world’s top 20 best-selling children’s books.

Who is the Fastest Reader Worldwide?

In 1990, The Guinness World Record Book acknowledged Howard Berg as the world’s fastest reader when he achieved a speed of over 25,000 words per minute. This is mind-blowing.

How Quickly Does the Average Person Read?

The typical reader, also known as a person who does not read quickly, may get through between 200 and 300 words per minute.

Chatty Facts About Bookworms

How Many Books Purchased?

Throughout 2018, booksellers sold over 675 million printed books in the United States.

How Much Cash Utilized?

Americans’ annual expenditure on books comes to a total of $28.

Who’s Most Likely to Read?

The percentage of adults who have read at least one book in the preceding year is highest among those aged 18 to 29.

How Much Time Spent?

The United States and Germany are in 22nd place in the world regarding the amount of time spent reading each week, with slightly under six hours. India is in the first place, with almost twelve hours of reading per week.

Who’s Most Satisfied With Life?

According to one study, persons who read for at least thirty minutes each week report being twenty percent more content with their lives than those who do not spend the same amount of time reading.

Reasons to Love This Day!

Reading Helps to Broaden Our Minds

When you read a book, it is improbable that you will not get exposure to a brand new idea or viewpoint. When we read, not only do we expose ourselves to new material, but we also have the opportunity to put ourselves in the shoes of another person temporarily. 

People who read a lot tend to be more aware of cultural differences and other social issues and demonstrate more compassion and understanding.

Reading is Beneficial to Our Overall Health

Studies show that those who read for pleasure are less likely to exhibit signs of stress and have a greater capacity for problem-solving than those who don’t read. 

Reading refreshes one’s energy, improves mood, leads to more restful sleep, and, as a result of increased brain activity, slows the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Reading, in general, may lead to a longer and healthier life.

It Fosters a Sense of Community

Reading has been evolving into a competitive team activity in recent years because of the proliferation of reading groups. Reading is much more enjoyable when you have a group of people to discuss the books with and compare notes on what was interesting.

The End!

Reading books may be both enlightening and enjoyable, in addition to being soothing. Reading increases brain activity, helps enhance concentration, fortifies memory, and decreases stress, all of which are benefits of reading. 

Reading books increases one’s awareness of the complexity of social life, as well as one’s empathy, compassion, and understanding, in addition to other positive effects on one’s social life. Reading also helps people enhance their communication ability, critical thinking, and language comprehension, making them better writers.

The sixth of September is a day for all book lovers to get lost in the novel they have longed to read for a while. It is also a day for people who don’t often read to give books a chance and get lost in the world of literature. 

Books are fantastic escapism because they allow us to temporarily escape from our lives and focus on something else. Still, they are also essential because they help increase our knowledge and force us to reconsider our worldviews. 

Turn off the television, place your phone in a different room, and get lost in the read of the day today in honor of the observance! Happy National Read a Book Day!

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