HOW To Set Up A Chessboard

The Chessboard

When studying how to play chess, the first lesson will be about the chess pieces, followed by how to set up a chessboard. A chessboard is a unique game board used to play chess. The chessboard has 64 small squares, eight rows by eight columns, where you place the chess pieces. Read our article and find out Chess For (BEGINNERS) What Is A DRAW In Chess?

The chessboard is squared in shape and has two colors; one is lighter, the other is darker, both with a checkered pattern. The chess pieces are the objects you move on a chessboard when playing chess.

How to Set Up a Chessboard Correctly

When learning chess, there’s no place more important than the chessboard layout. Once you have the chessboard and all the pieces, set the board in the proper chess set up and start playing. If you are new to chess, you probably wonder how to set up the chessboard. So let’s talk about that.

Step 1: Orientate The Board Correctly

Chessboard orientation is the first step in setting up a chessboard, and you should do it correctly. To ensure you have set both sides well, you need to orientate the board in the right direction. The white square should be on the bottom-right from the position of the players.

Step 2: Set Up the Pawns

The pawns make most of the chess pieces; placing them on the board first helps clear the pile of chess pieces near the board. After setting the pawns, the other pieces will be easier and quicker to set. Place the pawns along the second row—a row of black and white pawns.

Step 3: Place Your Rooks (Castles) In the Corners

Like towers in a real castle, the rooks take the four farthest corners of the board—the white castle with the white pawns and the black castle with the black pawns. 

Step 4: Place Your Knights (Horses) Next to the Rooks

The knits go next to the rooks. Like smelly horses in a castle, they stay furthest from the king and queen. After setting the horses, you will have a row of four empty squares between the rooks. 

Step 5: Bishops Go Next to Knights

Place your bishops next to their respective knights on the chessboard. Bishops separate the stinky horses and the royal queen. Adding the bishops leaves you with a row of two squares between the rooks.

Step 6: Your Queen Goes on Her Own Color

The next step is to place your queen on the board. The queen is fashionable and loves matching her outfit, place the black queen on the black square and the white queen on the white square.

Step 7: Place Your King on the Board

After placing all the other chess pieces, there will be only one empty square left which the kings take naturally. The king occupies a square different from his color between the queen and the bishop.

Step 8: White Moves First

Once you have set up the chessboard in the official chess setup, you will be ready to play. As a general rule, the player with the white pieces has to make the first move. After that, you can toss a dice or use any other chance method to decide who plays black and who plays white.

The other way to decide who plays which color is by hiding a black and white pawn, each in hand behind your back, and letting your combatant choose.

The Different Types of Chessboards

There are different types of chessboards available in the market today. Wooden chessboards are popular, and you can purchase them at local stores. They are available in different styles and colors, and everyone can use them.

Wooden Chessboards

Artisans use maple and walnut wood to make a standard wooden chess set. Traditional chessboards were made from hardwood and had a distinctive look. These chessboards were common in the 1800s.

Wooden chess sets are rare and collectible, which makes them expensive. However, they provide an authentic feel and are great for those looking for classic, stylish chessboards.

Wooden Chessboards

Stone Chess Sets

Stone chessboards are the second most popular in the market; they are unique, beautiful, and durable. Crafters use limestone, granite, or quarry stone to make this chessboard. Unlike wooden chessboards, stone chessboards are durable and light.

Black Stone Chess

Marble Chessboards

Marble chessboards are the least common type of chessboard because they are heavy and fragile. However, despite being heavy, this chess set is beautiful and would make a fantastic display piece around the house.

Marble chessboard

Plastic Chessboards

Plastic chessboards are most common. These boards are available in full-size and mini options; plastic chessboards provide an affordable option without sacrificing quality or beauty.

Plastic Chessboard


Now you have some knowledge of the official chess setup, chess piece placement, and the correct chess starting position. You are also aware of the different chessboards available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Chess players have enjoyed this game for centuries. It is a game of strategy. To win, the participants need to think several moves ahead. This game improves brain function and critical thinking skills. 

Stay tuned to this website to learn more about this mind-boggling game!

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