HELP! I Need Some Beginner Friend Drawings That Are Easy!

The Art of Drawing

Drawing is an exceptional art since it entails capturing the most beautiful things around you. Beginner best friend drawings that are easy to draw can be even more attractive since they bring out more connections and emotions between close friends. 

Capturing the beauty of something on paper or canvas requires a few skills. For example, on how to draw something for your best friend, you need to know a few relations between friendship and drawings.

Let’s dive deeper!

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What to Draw to a Friend

After presenting the final best friend drawing to your friends, you need to have the best picture of what they love inside your mind to bring out the lovely feeling in your friends. There are various things that you may choose to draw for your friend. Some ideas include:

  1. Cartoons: When it comes to comics, your age or your friend’s age never matters. The thrilling factor of comics manages to get to every person. For such a reason, a drawing of your best friend’s favorite cartoon character can work well. If your best friend does not have a favorite cartoon character, you may make this choice by yourself. First, choose a cartoon of your selection that matches your best friend’s natural behavior. 
  2. Nature: Nature spells from beautiful and colorful flowers to lovely trees and many others. This option lies at the top of best friend drawing ideas. The option will work well since it will speak so much about your friendship. You can choose between these flowers or trees and put them right on paper using a pencil or colors. When making an easy drawing for friends, make sure that you select a tree, flower, mountain or river that is your friend’s favorite. 
  3. Favorite movie character: Almost every person has a favorite movie. There is always that unique character in your best friend’s favorite film. The one that they love. You can ask them about their favorite film and the special character to be entirely sure. After asking, you can finally put it all down on paper and surprise them with a BFF best friend’s drawing.
  4. Favorite singer: Everybody has several favorite musicians. On other occasions, it may be a band as well. In this case, you might already be aware of your friend’s favorite singer or band. Draw either of these music icons perfectly on paper and present it to your friend. They will surely love it. 
  5. Favorite lyrics in graffiti form: Graffiti is the most attractive way of bringing out words in the form of easy friendship drawings. Take their favorite song, and draw out its lyrics in graffiti form. In this case, you can make sure you use some different colors to bring out a more attractive, natural feeling. When using these colors, use a different color in every word if it is possible. You can also add other elements that go with the message in the lyrics.
  6. Your friend’s portrait: What other fun way of getting to your friend’s heart than drawing them on paper. This option lies among the coolest best friend drawings ideas. However, remember that this option works well as a surprise, just like the other best friend drawing ideas. For this reason, you do not go and ask your friends to pose for you to come up with the drawing. You may use a picture on your mobile phone. Be sure to come up with something lovely, something resembling your friend. Even if it doesn’t come out entirely perfect. Keep in mind that your friend has to recognize that they are in the picture immediately after taking the first look.
  7. Draw them as they do an activity they love: Of course, there are several things that your friend loves to do. It may range from something physical like playing soccer, tennis, or other games to indoor activities like cooking. Capture your favorite moment of your friend inside your mind. In the scenario that you choose, they must be performing one of these activities. Then, after selecting these activities, perfectly draw it on paper as a best friend drawing. 
  8. Draw an outfit that they love: Fashion quite carries many people away. Your friend can definitely fall inside this bracket. If they love fashion, you can opt to draw an outfit that they love. Jewelry and other things that relate to fashion can also come into play. Pick the best fashion accessory and present it as a best friend drawing. With this choice, you can be sure of amazing your friend.
  9. Draw both of you together: You are very close friends, so nothing feels more right than making two easy BFF drawings of you spending time together. So you can choose to draw both of you, spending time together at your favorite spot. In the picture, you may hold each other’s hands as well. This gesture will make it more heartwarming. In the image, you can be wearing the same outfits as well. This outfit could be something like a t-shirt or caps with your names. 
  10. Friendship quotes or messages: You can put in together some lovely messages and quotes about friends on a piece of paper. In case you choose this option, use large attractive fonts. Also, remember to use different colors. The colors you use have to be bright, welcoming, and inviting. Finally, to make this best friend drawing more attractive, shape the alphabetical letters as animals or other characters of your choice. 
  11. Draw friendship symbols: Various symbols may be attractive when you need to portray a message to your friend. For example, the character could be something like a heart shape, a smiley face, and many others. You can choose one or more of these shapes and present them as a best friends drawing on paper. When drawing these symbols, make them prominent and bright. For example, if you select a smiley face symbol, paint it yellow with googly eyes. If you choose the love symbol, paint it bright red. 
  12. Your favorite memory together: Two BFF drawings can also be in the form of the best moment of your life. The memory that you choose must involve the two of you. After deciding on the best option, draw it down in the form of a picture. This kind of memory could be something you do together or even a place you visited.
  13. A map with a direction to their best restaurant: Your friend must have that one beautiful eating spot in town that they love. You can come up with the directions leading to that place in the form of a map and give it to them as best friends drawing.
  14.  A joke that only you two can get: Friendship is all about being around at all times. This fact means that jokes always bring fun times. So there must be that one joke that never gets old between you. So picture that one joke in your mind and get them perfectly on paper in the form of a BFF best friends drawing. 
  15. Caricature taking after their personality: The personality of you and your friend speaks a lot to the bond between you two. Since you already understand your friend perfectly, you can capture their natural essence in the form of a caricature.
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Beginner Best Friend Drawings That are Easy

Easy two best friend drawings for beginners are pretty direct. However, unlike the other pictures that involve drawing something else for your friend, this option consists in drawing your friend directly or either the two of you together. 

After stepping inside a puddle, you may draw yourself and your friend playing a quiz game show, making a pinky promise, or splashing your friends with water.

All best friend drawings that are easy for beginners require just simple instructions. For example, when drawing best friend drawings for total beginners, you should begin by drawing a basic body outline. Such an outline should be simple, like just a stick figure. From there, you may start filling up the rest of the details about your friend. 

A Step by Step Best Friend Drawing Tutorial

Below is a complete guide to two BFF drawings according to specific scenarios. In this case, the drawing tutorial is about two girls making a pinky promise together. 

Friends Making a Pinky Promise

  1. Start by drawing the first face. You need to see the faces from the side since you are making the best friends drawing in profile. Next, draw the forehead using a line in the form of a curve. Repeat the same procedure for both the chin and nose. While still on the face, come up with an oval shape indicating the pupil. A-C shape line has to surround this oval to make the pupil perfect. Lines in the form of curves should come in a C–shape. These lines will bring out eyelashes
  2. To come up with the mouth, draw a long line inwards from the nose. This line has to be curvy in shape and double as well. Next, draw a line forming a wave at the mouth’s middle section for lower and upper teeth. This line will naturally bring the teeth together with a smile.

You can get further creative by adding some dots. These dots will be able to indicate freckles on the cheeks in the final best friend drawing.

  1. To come up with the hair, draw some curvy lines. These lines will be able to bring out the bangs. When bringing these lines, carefully observe the V–shape. After coming up with the hair, you can now bring out the headband using double–curve lines. Take shape C from the bottom at the ear and directly connect with a short line from the top to ideally create this headband. Then, get more creative by bringing in more curved lines for contouring the front of the neck, the hair slightly below the ear, and the ear itself.
  2. To draw the hair at the back of the head, use long curved lines. The endpoints of the hair need to have inversions in the form of a V–shape. The V lines need to connect to the short lines directly. To correctly outline the upper arm and shoulder, use curved lines. 
  3. To create an outstretched arm in the best friends drawings, you need to extend the parallel curvy lines. Then, after drawing the stretching arms, you can finally sketch the hand, thumb, and fingers using several sequences.
  4. You can now start drawing the second girl by following almost the same procedure as the first one. To outline the forehead, you should use several curved lines. The same process goes for the chin, neck, and nose. When drawing the eye, remember drawing an oval together with the C–shape behind it. For the eyelashes and eyebrows, use elongating lines right below the nose.
  5. Use curved lines that are overlapping to come up with a scarf on the girl’s head in the final best friends drawing. For the sides of the ear and face, use curved lines. 
  6. To come up with the locks or braids, use several overlapping lines. Then, use some shorter lines to add some texture to this hair. To get more detail, remember to curve these lines as you go. 
  7. By using a C–shape, draw the neck of the cloth. Then, to perfectly contour the collar bone, torso, and shoulder, use lines that are curved. 
  8. Draw an arm of the girl that outstretches by using several lines. Apply this same procedure when outstretching the hand and fingers as well. 
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BFF best friend drawings have proven to be perfect for all occasions. Such illustrations are not just like any other drawings that you can create as art. When coming up with a best friend drawing for your friend, you need to create something that catches their full attention.

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