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“Everyone who ever walked barefoot into his child’s room late at night hates Legos” While this statement penned down by Nathan Sawaya is true, you need the best way to store Legos because stepping on them can be a pain in the neck.

As a parent, you may think of keeping all those bricks out of sight. But, at the same time, you want your kids to find the pieces they need, or else they’ll not get enough of the game due to missing pieces. 

If you don’t know how to store Legos, don’t worry! We have come up with clever ways to help you keep everything organized and ready for play. Also, you will find tips on how to organize Legos. 

So, let’s get started!

What are Legos? 

Legos are the type of plastic construction toys used by children to play. They consist of various colored interlocking bricks with several gears, figurines known as mini-figures, and additional parts. Children love to play with Legos because they can put together and dismantle different characters.

The original Legos have a solid and unique type of plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, also known as ABC Plastic. You can assemble and connect Legos in different ways to construct objects such as vehicles, working robots, and buildings. The blocks are durable, and the kids can re-use them to build new items. 

Now that you know what Legos are all about, here is how to organize Lego sets by color, function, or size.

Lego blocks

How to Organize Legos

Many parents buy a lot of Legos for their kids, and you must be one of them. But the most challenging part is organizing and storing the toys. This is because you don’t want to hurt your child’s feelings by keeping them away. 

For this reason, you might opt to leave them on the floor as much as it can be disturbing to walk on them. You can organize them to make work easier. With the following tips, you will arrange and store Legos without a headache.

Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Hanger

Using an over-the-door shoe hanger tops the list of potential Lego organization ideas. You can use the over-the-door shoe hanger to store shoes most of the time since it saves on space. This shoe hanger with clear pockets is also a perfect way to keep Lego blocks organized. 

Additionally, the clear pockets make the Legos visible and easier to sort. A plus is that you can create a color-coded organization system where you’ll keep each color in the corresponding pocket. This is effective because you will spend less time cleaning up.

Create a Lego Wall

The second best way to store Legos is to create a wall. This is an excellent way if you lack enough space. Unlike bins and furniture, you can create a Lego wall using baseplates, which come in different colors if you want to store each Lego in matching color. 

The best part is creating a large Lego wall and attaching liquid nails. An added advantage is that your kids will get a place to play with the Legos and decorate the wall.

Organize Legos by Color

Organizing Legos by color is the simplest method among Lego organizer ideas. Use clear bins to help your kids identify the bricks by color to make your work easier. Apart from clear containers, you can use colored bins and labels to simplify sorting.

One exciting thing about organizing Legos by color is the rainbow-colored organization. This is a fun way to make kids identify bricks quickly. However, this method is best for a small collection to reduce looking through many bricks.

Use a Drawer 

A drawer system with clear plastic bins is a fantastic way to keep Legos organized. Use a different drawer for every color or set, and attach labels to each Lego storage bin to make sorting easier. 

Sort by Type

Not everyone likes to organize by color, but some by type. This is an excellent way for extensive Lego collections. Make separate bins for blocks, figures, cars, and other pieces and label each storage container appropriately. 

This organizational method inspires creativity since it allows kids to mix and match pieces easily and create new creations in the instructional manual.

Hang Buckets

Hanging baskets is an effective way to store Legos. Furthermore, it makes it easy for kids to access them. Creating a hanging basket is easy. First, you need to mount a hanging rod on the wall and add S-hooks and hanging baskets on the hooks.  

You can use either silver metal buckets or colored plastic baskets to store Legos of different colors. Don’t use glass in bucket material because kids can break them and get hurt. Hanging the rods low will enable the kids to reach the buckets easily. 

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are suitable for storing Legos and an excellent way to display Lego creations and favorite models. In addition, creating tiny Lego displays and vignettes on the shelves will reduce the work of disassembling things. In the end, your kids will be proud of their creations and enjoy each playing moment. 

Organize by Set

Lego set storage ideas are best for kids who love playing using sets. After organizing the collections, store each group inside a container. For better results, use the instruction manual and label each set. This act will make your kids have an easy time since they’ll get each piece from one place. 

Hide Under the Bed

Hiding Legos under the bed might sound funny, but this is an effective way to make things easier. Get a rolling drawer and fill in shallow baskets to help you store Legos by set or color. Also, you can store Legos that your kids rarely use.

Make a Lego Table

A Lego table is essential since it helps store the bricks. It also serves as an organizational system where kids can put the Legos in order during playtime. Don’t struggle to get a unique table if you want to try this method. 

You can simply use a coffee table with shelves. Moreover, you’ll need clear bins to store the Legos and put them on the shelf. If your table is large, use large containers. Finally, to make playtime fun, cover the top of the table with baseplates.

Remember the Instructional Manual

By now, you have the organizational system, but what about the instructional manual? You can have many Legos, but you might miss out someplace without the instructions. The instructional manual is essential since it will guide your kids to create beautiful creations. 

Therefore, find a perfect place to keep the manual and don’t forget to label it so that the kids can identify it.

Repurpose a Shoe Storage Bench

A shoe storage bench is among the home tools you can use to store Legos. It has both a bench and shelves. This is a great advantage since the bench’s low height means it’s at kids’ level, so everything is easily accessible. 

Also, the shelves are divided, thus fitting the storage containers and baskets. Since the top surface remains empty, you can decorate using throw pillows or flowers, or even toys.

What is the Best Way to Store Legos?

If you have tons of sets of Legos that you want to organize and store away, opt for plastic bins. They are the best bet because they keep Legos visible, well organized, and accessible. Apart from that, plastic storage bins are durable. 

This is because most of them get made out of the best materials. Also, they keep bricks from natural light to prevent color fading. Plastic Lego storage bins also keep bricks at room temperature and avoid dust from getting in.

Lego Set Storage Ideas

Lego set are a good idea for parents who have more than one kid. This is because they’ll keep stepping on the bricks if they are not organized. The best Lego set idea is storing in bins. Lego storage bins are practical because you can put each set and label accordingly.

On top of that, you’ll first need to identify how accessible they’ll be and how many sets you want. You also need to gather the bricks manuals and then sort the groups. Next, load the kits in the plastic bins and label them.

By now, you know how to organize the Legos. So, you need the best storage hacks to perfect everything.

kid playing lego

37 Genius Lego Storage Ideas for Adults and Kids

If you’ve not had enough of the Lego storage ideas, check out the best hacks that will be perfect for you and your kids.

A Giant Lazy Susan

Opening the list of the genius Lego storage ideas for kids and adults is the Giant Lazy Susan. If you are tired of replacing and removing different bins containing bricks, this idea will suit you. Furthermore, this Lego storage idea is best because it will keep on rotating; so that your kids will grab the pieces as they play.

Clear Lego Turntables

Another Lego storage idea is the transparent Lego turntables. This idea is the best since you can use clear containers to organize the little pieces. The best part is the turntable that enables your kids to rotate and pick out Legos. This is also an excellent hack for the little ones since they won’t mess around trying to spread the entire collection. 

Customized Lego Table

The third best way to organize Legos is the customized Lego table. A customized Lego table has a surface that displays the pieces and contains a space in the bottom for organizing. It employs a set of drawers with plastic inserts, particularly the IKEA. Also, you can put it in different Lego sizes and put it in the middle of the room to form a two-sided play.

Color-Coded Acrylic Stacking Drawers

Another exciting little hack is color-coded acrylic stacking drawers. If your kids always create a mess while searching for the bricks, this idea will suit you. On top of that, you can label the acrylic drawers to help you store the Legos by color.

Color-Coded Plastic Bins

Color-coded plastic bins are among the best ideas for storing Legos. They usually keep food, but you can change them into storage bins. These plastic bins come in a way that will stack to save space. What you need to do is to separate the Legos.

Colorful Lego Vases

Since the bricks come in various colors, they can be a perfect decoration when placed in Lego vases. For a perfect look, buy vases of different heights. For better results, put every color in different vases to create a stunning look and at the same time cater to the storage needs.

DIY Lego Play Table

Next on the list is the DIY Lego play table. Unlike the standard table, which has a flat surface and under-counter storage. This one you can fit with two bins with Lego pieces in the low table and chairs.

DIY Under-Bed Rolling Lego Cart

There’s a lot of space under the bed. Apart from storing shoes or kids’ areas for playing hide and seek, it is a perfect spot for storing Legos.

Desktop Drawer Lego Organizer

Another Lego hack is the desktop drawer Lego organizer. It can fit well in any room, such as the dining table. The drawers offer enough space and can fit in large bricks. 

Desktop File Organizer

The desktop file organizer is not only good for organizing files but also for keeping Lego pieces. This is a creative way, especially for toddlers. After putting in the pieces, organize by color and put on a transparent surface. 

Elevated Lego Table

The elevated Lego table came from a famous carpenter who crafted the perfect Lego play table. This table had four legs that acted as a storage and play area. All you need to do is fill the legs with bins or boxes.

Flat Stackable Acrylic Tower

If you want to keep your kid’s Lego organized and at the same time save space, go for the flat stackable acrylic tower. They are available in different sizes to suit any Lego. What you need to do is to keep it in an accessible area. Apart from that, separate the pieces by color and size.

Giant Lego Shelves

Giant Lego shelves are perfect for storing all the tiny pieces. Making these shelves is not difficult because you can do it by yourself. 

Hanging Buckets

The following fantastic idea is hanging baskets. You can find the baskets and hang them on the wall. While doing this, ensure that you space adequately. This method is a kid-friendly and fun way to make discoveries. Apart from that, in the manual instructions,

IKEA Billy Bookcase Storage

IKEA Billy Bookcase Storage is a perfect Lego idea since you can color code the pieces into several bins or boxes. What you need to do is to spread the rest with other toys. Then, you can have empty containers to transfer the pieces.

Jewelry Organizer for Lego Characters

Creating different characters from the Lego pieces is an exciting task. However, storing the pieces can be overwhelming. With a jewelry organizer, separate the pieces into different bins.

Kids Play Table

On the list of Lego play tables is the kid’s play table. Create a Lego play area and cover the entire tabletop in a Lego baseplate. Find filing drawers and store the little pieces in different bins. This is a perfect hack for kids who love playing alone.

Lego Storage Tower Set-Up

Another fun idea is the Lego Storage Tower Set-Up. This hack is perfect if you have two kids who love playing Lego, and you need to keep their collections separate. Create a full-on tower of Lego storage by combining a cube cabinet and some hanging organizers to house each kid’s kit.

Lego Traveling Suitcase

Opt for the Lego traveling suitcase if you love traveling and need to take the Lego collections along. With this suitcase, you can fit in different groups.

If you own plastic bins in your house, don’t throw them away because they are still helpful. The larger the plastics, the better. They will help keep hundreds of Lego pieces hence a quick clean-up. You can keep them in the cupboard or under your kid’s bed for easy retrieval.

Lego Trough

This is a great way to use wall space for storage, plus it keeps all the Lego bricks neatly organized by color. Besides that, it’s easily accessible for little kids if you place the trough at the right height on the wall!

You can pick up a divided trough like this at a home goods store or online; your only responsibility is to mount it and get sorting. Fill an entire playroom with these beauties, or create a Lego corner with one.

Lego Display Unit

The Lego display unit is perfect on the wall to store Legos. Use a floating shelf, a cube organizer, and some plastic drawers to construct. First, sort the pieces by color into plastic drawer sets, then put them in the first tier, up to the end tier, on the shelf.

Lego Table with Reversible Lid

At times, you may want a Lego collection that’s perfect for the kid’s area and the main living room. This table looks like an ottoman, but it’s ideal for storing the bricks. First, fill the ottoman with bins and then organize by color. For easy retrieval, label each container.

Lego Storage Crates

Stackable storage crates are a fantastic way to store Lego because they are affordable, and you can re-use them when the kids outgrow. 

Lego Play Table

If you and your kids have a large playroom, this will undoubtedly be your new centerpiece. Using a vast dual-level shelf as your table, fill the levels with acrylic stacking boxes for color-coded heaven.

Lego Storage Bag

Another genius way to store Legos is the Lego storage bag. Put the pieces in pouches by color, function, and size, then put them inside the Lego bag. The good thing about this bag is that you can travel with it anyway without causing a mess. This is because all the bricks are stuck in the little pouches.

Lego Toy Storage Basket

This genius invention doubles as a storage and plays mat, offering a simple way to store away the Legos when not in use. First, clean the carpet for playtime, then fold it away. Additionally, you can buy your own Lego storage playing mat or make your own with your little one.

Plastic Bins

Opt for plastic bins if you don’t want to spend extra dollars and have more space. This idea is also great for people with extensive Lego collections. The better part is that it is simple and easy to use. In addition, you can purchase many bins if you have different collections since they come in sets and last long.

Pastel Lego Storage Shelves

This idea is exciting since it can turn your child’s playroom into a pastel wonderland. First, you can create the bricks by hanging square shelves and circular wooden cut-outs. The next thing to do is to paint using pastel colors. Most definitely three, then add some final touches using the wooden Lego decor.

Pegboard Hanging Storage

Pegboard hanging storage uses vertical space and takes in color-coding. Apart from that, you can shift the boxes around.

Simple Lego Table

As mentioned earlier, a Lego table is essential for storing and organizing tiny little pieces. However, this table is quite different since it is low and wide, offering adequate play space. In addition, the low-level will need Lego boxes to enhance easy sorting. In the end, your kids will enjoy building beautiful creations.

Simple Lego Drawer Set

Simplicity is your ally when it comes to an extensive collection of little things. You can store the bricks in rainbow color order for an attractive design. Then, for the extra little pieces that don’t have a place, use a bead organizer to keep them neat. Place it atop the drawers and label each drawer with its color.

Stackable Lego Bricks

Stackable Lego bricks are suitable for keeping the little pieces in place. This is a great option to create a nice look since the multiple colors are stacked. Also, they are the perfect counterparts for kids who love organizing bricks. From this idea, your kids will improve their creativity.

Toolbox Organizer

Managing those tiny counterparts can be difficult. If you are facing this challenge, why not try the toolbox organizer. This storage idea has compartments, a carry handle, and a see-through lid ideal for the little pieces.

The Lego Unit

If the toolbox organizer is not for you, try the Lego unit to store your set of Legos. This storage hack is suitable for kids or adults who own a set of Legos and find it challenging to organize. Nonetheless, it has clear acrylic front panels and broad, strong drawers. 

Under-the-Table Lego Organizer

If you don’t have enough space in your kid’s bedroom, try creating a playing area in the living room. This is a good spot, especially the coffee table. Fit the space under the table with an under-the-table Lego organizer. It also moves away when not in use. If you have any extra wood around, perfect. Use it to make the tool. If you don’t, then purchase a divider.

Wooden Lego Travel Case

The wooden Lego travel case storage idea is excellent for storing Legos while traveling with your kids. The Lego travel case contains a solid wood exterior and royal purple base plate hidden in the lid. To make one of your own, attach a purple base plate to the lid, then store the Lego brick in the bottom.

Build Away!

Out of all the toys, Legos can be a pain in the neck since they spread all over the place. As much as the tiny little bricks need a safe storage place, kids forget to keep them well most of the time. 

If you are a parent, you might think of different ways to avoid stepping on the strays of Legos at night. Luckily, the Lego organization ideas will save your time and help keep your house decluttered.

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