EXPLORING The Coin With An Angel On Both Sides

The Angel Coin

The coin with an angel on both sides has been around since 1465. The angel coin came in to replace the famous French Angelot, which was in use from the early days of 1340. The angel coin term comes from its representation of the archangel Michael slaying a dragon. In the old days, the common name for this coin was the angel noble.

Archangel Saint Michael slaying a dragon

The Coin With an Angel on Both Sides

The gold angel coin does not have much value these days. Many people only use the coin as a token of appreciation. This angel coin is also a symbol of good luck sometimes, which is one of the major reasons why people still cherish them.

The difference is clear when you compare the angel coin with normal coins. You can note the immense difference in terms of appearance from the very first look. This difference in terms of natural appearance directly makes this rare angel coin rank higher, even with no direct monetary value.

Another distinctive feature of the rare angel coin is the difference in shapes. The unique designs and appearance also play a good role in making users get hooked up to them. Some of the vintage English pubs today still name themselves after the coin with an angel on both sides.

The naming factor proves that this coin may be around for quite a while. These days the coin with an angel on both sides does not have real gold. Most angel coins have a gold coating, but another type of metal makes up a large percentage of the inside content. 

The History of the Angel Coin

The first angel coin came around 1423 in Augsburg, Germany. The angel coin had silver as the main material. The rare angel coin was worth more during the early days of its invention. The average price was around 6 million shillings. On some occasions, the price tended to rise.

During these early days, the angel coin did not appear like the ones of these days. The image of the angel was only on one side of the coin. The other side of the coin had the Agsburgs city coat of arms. This rare angle coin came in response to the papal bull calling for crusades.

The primary purpose of the angel coin was to aid in financing the war. The aim was to assist in paying the soldiers and finance their war activities. For over 200 years, this coin kept fulfilling its main purpose. To this date, you can be sure that the war made the coin with an angel on both sides quite popular.

As time went by, people began to get hooked on the coin. Some forms of advancements took place to the angel coin. On several occasions, this angel coin became bigger and more colorful. Real gold replaced silver as the primary material.

The real gold made the angel coin even much popular due to its attractiveness. As the coin’s value kept increasing, its meaning to people grew. Time went by, and the war began fading. The angel coin had little impact after the war. The fighting ended, and real gold was no longer the main material for making the coin.

Silver returned to become the primary material in making the angel coin, but people still loved it. Other cheap metals also came to replace silver, but its natural appeal to people never changed. The angel coin now had a gold-like color, and this gesture was still worth it to people.

The coin’s price in terms of real cash went down, but the coin’s value in people’s hearts was still at the top. On various occasions, the catholic relief services circulated these coins as a token of appreciation. This move was a plus to the double-sided guardian angel coin meaning.

The fact that the catholic was using the angel gold coin on both sides for appreciation made it more popular at that current time. The coin has no massive monetary value to date, but its rareness makes it much more popular.

In the past, the angel coin saved soldiers on the battlefield in terms of assuring provisions. To this date, the rare angel coin is like a piece of jewelry but worth more to the souls that own them.

Old coins

Coin Specs

The rare angel coin has angels engraved on the two sides similarly. Some people usually look for details on the angel coin, such as written words or additional information. Angel coins are straightforward and do not tend to pass other forms of communication unless you want them. Occasionally, you may ask experts to customize your angel coin with the information you desire.

There are situations where some relief services may engrave the coin with certain information. One of the most common pieces of information that relief services brand on the angel coin is “In God We Trust.” The angel coin these days is small in size, and for that reason, you may not have a lot of words around it.

The Value of the Double-Sided Guardian Angel Coin

How much is an angel coin worth? From time to time, you may ask yourself this question. The gold coin with an angel on both sides worth is not so direct. It may be a little tricky to find out about the double-sided guardian angel coin’s numerical value. The fact that the coin is rare automatically grants it some monetary value.

If an angel coin still has most of the details intact, it may cost around $4. In this case, the angel coin’s value changes with its nature, mostly being natural appearance.

Knowing about the angel coin’s value may also be challenging. The difficulty comes since there is no official collector around. Official coin collectors usually analyze the angel coin and determine its worth and the value that it may carry.

Other Interesting Facts About the Coin

Many facts surround the angel coin. Some facts come from the meaning of the angel coins and people. Remember that the gold coin with an angel on both sides meaning is different for different people. Below are some of the more interesting notes about the coin:

  • The coin with an angel on both sides once acted as a protective symbol of France around the reign of king King Lous.
  • The coin was once a symbol of wealth among the elite people back in the day.
  • Angel coins that came by later had real gold but other metals.
Heap of old coins

Parting Thoughts

Good luck and protection, together with other things, have surrounded the coin with an angel on both sides. With a rich history behind the coin, popularity has not been an issue. To this date, many people around the globe still believe in the rare angel coin. This belief makes the angel coin rank among the most precious antique pieces. Read our article and find out The Best Way To Clean Old Coins.

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